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Sponsored Brief: Is your water cloudy or dark colored?

Aug 22, 2018

The water in your home should be clear. If it’s cloudy or rusty, that’s a problem. The likely cause may be as close as your water heater.

Every year, your water heater accumulates sediment and rust. Over time your water heater will get quite a lot of this corrosion residing in the bottom of its tank.

This corrosion will make the water in it hazardous to consume or even use. Exposure to this contaminated water may lead to skin and eye irritation.

If you notice your water looking anything but crystal clear, call Apollo Plumbing, the Wizards of Wet. They can provide a full audit of your system to determine what is causing the problem.

The solution may be a simple cleaning of the tank or it could mean replacing it with a new, energy-efficient water heater.

Clean water is crucial to the health of everyone in your home. Make sure your water is safe. Call Apollo Plumbing today at 425-387-1507 or visit ApolloPlumbing.net.

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