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Sponsored Brief: Personal training

Jan 10, 2019

Why do so many people make Health & Fitness Resolutions every New Year, only to break them 3-4 months later?

It's not so much that they lack drive ... but direction.  Just as you need to know how to reach your destination when driving, (i.e. which road to travel, how to get there), so do you also need to know how to meet your goals when exercising (i.e. how to train).

A Personal Trainer gives people the push they need to nudge them over the edge, and help them develop a sustainable program.

With a trainer, people learn not just "how to exercise," but how to exercise safely, how long to exercise, which muscle groups to target, and how often.

Give us a call at Quality Fitness Mukilteo, and team up with a trainer this year to give you the push you need! (425) 347-5191 www.QualityFitnessMukilteo.com.

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