Stage 1 outdoor burning ban in Snohomish County

Jul 18, 2018

Due to high fire danger and expected hot and dry weather conditions, the Snohomish County Fire Marshal has announced an outdoor burning ban for the unincorporated areas of Snohomish County that went into effect July 13.

This restriction bans outdoor burning, except for recreational fires. Recreational fires are less than three feet in diameter and two feet high and are for cooking and pleasure only. Recreational fires must be contained within a fire pit that has been cleared of all combustible material within a 10-foot radius, must be monitored at all times, and must have a water source readily available (at a minimum, a charged water hose or a five-gallon bucket of water).

This burn ban will be in effect until further notice.

All outdoor burn permits, including permits issued by PSCAA (Puget Sound Clean Air Agency) for agricultural burning, are suspended until this ban is lifted.

This ban will remain in effect until there is a sustained period of rainfall and the fire risk returns to low.

With the continuing dry weather conditions, we ask that any recreational fires be considered very carefully.

If you have any doubts about safety, please don’t burn.

In Mukilteo, recreational fires at Lighthouse Park are permitted under the burning ban.

Please contact the county’s Outdoor Burning Information Hotline at 425-388-3508 for updated information.

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