State plans for ferry not fair to Old Town | Letter

Mar 05, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

It remains my hope that state financial constraints will force a reconsideration of the current plan to move forward with modified Elliot Point 2 for the Mukilteo ferry.

As a taxpayer, I will continue to advocate for renovating our current ferry terminal, saving us all up to $100 million.

In the meantime, I have reviewed the Final Planning Staff Report with respect to WSF’s Shoreline Substantial Development Conditional Use Permit and have the following comments:

1. I am concerned about the possible reliance on faulty data with respect to the assertion that the Mukilteo-Clinton route traffic is expected to increase by 73 percent by 2030. Please show me WSF’s data points.

2. I am concerned about the strategy of designing and developing stages as funding becomes available. What happens if funding ceases to be available?

3. I only see one way of accessing the terminal construction site – i.e. via the antiquated bridge. This seems foolhardy and dangerous. I would recommend that the bridge be replaced prior to any construction commencing. I would like to see WSF take the lead and make this their priority and a condition of construction.

4. I am deeply disappointed that the current design provides little value to the citizens of Mukilteo in general – no place for retail businesses which could capture sales tax dollars from the captive ferry traveler audience.

5. I am discouraged that folks in Old Town are going to suffer from this design both in terms of health and property value loss. I appreciate the city’s support in trying to mitigate noise and air pollution by including some conditions. I am in despair over the potential for property value loss, especially for folks along Second Street. I believe that WSF should offer financial compensation for those of us who suffer this consequence of moving the ferry.

I find it somewhat disingenuous that while we rail against commercialization of Paine Field, no similar stance has been taken against WSF’s usurpation of our waterfront.

I agree with the hearing examiner’s opinion that a thorough traffic analysis needs to be completed prior to any permit approval. Nobody really knows what the traffic effect will be, but just looking at the plans makes me think of an unprintable word…

I still feel sad about this and the other impending losses Old Town will suffer. It just doesn’t seem “ferry” fair.

Best regards,

Terry Preshaw,


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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Mar 07, 2014 20:11

I totally agree.  Thank you Terry, you are "ferry" fair. ;)

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