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Oct 23, 2013

The state of Washington has released the 2013 Annual Measureable Objectives (AMO) for each school.

AMOs are unique yearly targets in reading and math for each subgroup, school and school district. They are derived by calculating “proficiency gaps” for all students and for 10 subgroups of students.

A proficiency gap is the percentage-point differences between a group’s level of proficiency in the baseline year of 2011 and 100 percent.

Mukilteo School District results showed that on average, students are below the targeted AMO for reading and math, but only by about 1 percentage point.

Mukilteo students are at an average 76.5 percent proficiency for reading, when the target is 77.2 percent. In math, students are at 69.6 percent proficiency, when the target is 70.9 percent.

Complete AMO results can be found on OSPI’s School Report Card website at

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