Student raped, murdered while overdosing

Murder suspect didn’t call police, hacked phone to cover up crime
By Brandon Gustafson | Feb 21, 2018
Source: Facebook Alyssa Mae Noceda, 18, reportedly overdosed while with Varela. Varela didn’t call authorities, and instead tried to cover up the incident.

“LOL I think she od’d, still breathing.”

That is what Brian Roberto Varela, 19, sent to a group chat along with semi-nude photos of Alyssa Mae Noceda, 18, while she was overdosing after snorting crushed up Percocet pills and taking a “dab” of concentrated THC on Saturday, Feb. 3.

Noceda’s mother says she was a student at Mariner High School. However, Mukilteo School District spokesman Andy Muntz said his records don’t show her attending Mariner, and that Mariner’s principal contacted teachers who apparently had her in class, but some didn’t recognize her.

According to court documents, Noceda went to Varela’s residence in the Martha Lake Mobile Home Manor to “party,” and the two had sexual intercourse and consumed drugs together.

Noceda overdosed on the pills and died that night, likely during or after having sex with Varela.

Varela, an employee at the Dairy Queen on the Mukilteo Speedway, sent photos of Noceda to his boss and two other friends in a group chat.

Varela described to his boss that he and his roommate placed Noceda’s body in a plastic storage crate and had broken her legs to make her body fit. He also said he had a “hole” in Marysville where he planned to bury her.

According to court documents, his boss returned home from work and told his girlfriend about the texts and images he’d received. His girlfriend found a post from Noceda’s mother, Gina Pierson on Facebook, looking for her daughter.

Varela’s boss saw the image of Noceda that Pierson had posted and recognized her from Varela’s messages, and went to the Everett Police Department to report the death.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office contacted Varela’s mother, who said she’d kicked him out for his “gangster lifestyle” and his drug usage, and said he moved into a different mobile home. She believed Varela’s roommate was using him as a “mule” to transport drugs.

According to the court documents, officers went to Varela’s residence and arrested him.

They also did a protective sweep of the area and found a crate, matching the boss’ description, which had a hand sticking out of it.

Another employee of the Dairy Queen told police he was in the group chat where Varela sent the photos and that the messages contained photos of Noceda with swollen and purple lips and that she was “clearly unconscious.”

According to court documents, along with those photos, Varela said, “LOL I think she od’d, still breathing, I’m smashing (having sex) her to pass the time.”

The co-worker said he knew Varela used marijuana, acid, cocaine and Percocet pills, and on Monday, Feb. 5, he had received a text from Varela that he was going to be late for work.

According to court documents, the co-worker FaceTime-called Varela, who said he was running late because he had to “run a mission to Marysville.”

Varela told his co-worker it may look like Noceda was raped because he ejaculated inside her during sex.

The co-worker quoted Varela as saying “I don’t know if she was alive or dead” while they had sex.

Varela said he thought Noceda might have still been breathing, and contemplated taking her to the emergency room, but didn’t because he was too tired to do so and went to bed instead.

The co-worker told police Varela said “she died having sex with me,” seeming to be boasting about the incident.

Varela said when he woke up on Feb. 4 that Noceda was dead.

According to court documents, he told police that after seeing Noceda’s mother’s Facebook post, he used her finger to gain access to her cell phone in order to send a Snapchat post, making it seem she was running away from home, something he claimed Noceda had a history of doing.

He threw her phone into a construction zone behind the Dairy Queen, which was recovered by police.

While in custody, Varela’s roommate admitted he sells marijuana and cocaine, and that he had known Noceda for a few years prior to Varela moving in roughly two months ago.

On Sunday, Varela called the roommate into his room, where Noceda was face up and had foam around her lips.

The roommate and another male, who was there to buy marijuana, urged Varela to call 911, but Varela instead locked his bedroom and went to work at the Dairy Queen.

Varela later told officers he knew he needed to call for help, but was afraid of law enforcement and what the response would be if he called 911.

He also claimed he heard Noceda snoring, but in retrospect, she was likely choking on saliva.

Varela said when he showed his roommate the body, the roommate went to bed and told him not to report the incident, rather than telling him to call 911 like he’d told police.

Varela was charged with rape, manslaughter and homicide by a controlled substance in Everett District Court last week. His bail was set at $500,000.





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