Thanksgiving is about being thankful | Weekly Worship

By Aziz Junejo, A Muslim of Mukilteo | Nov 20, 2013

Next Thursday, our country will observe Thanksgiving Day, marking a time when the Native Americans and pioneering families gave thanks.

Traditionally, we use this occasion to gather for a family meal that can include roasted turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, but our focus is on being thankful.

My family uses this holiday to gather our loved ones to convey our love for one another; thankfulness is our annual theme to express our gratefulness for God’s countless blessings.

Being thankful is one of the most important characteristics for a Muslim; having gratitude for every aspect of our lives, never concentrating on what others have, but being grateful for we have.

Gratitude and appreciation are essential parts of being a Muslim and the Quran repeatedly emphasizes the importance of constantly thanking God for His help and support.

Gratitude can be an expression of our self, our faith, for God, life, love-ones and friends, and when we are grateful that acknowledgment can be a wonderfully indescribable feeling.

Only when we understand the sense of fulfillment does not come from yearning for more, but rather knowing what we are already blessed with; then we are truly grateful.

Thankfulness is a noble quality and characteristic and is not limited to family and friends. By thanking those around us who are worthy of thanks, we feel more contented, positive and connected.

But thankfulness today seems to be in shortage rather than surplus. By simply smiling at one another, offering help without being asked or just listening, we can express our thankfulness.

When we express gratitude toward those around us, it provides a feeling of fulfillment, bringing happiness to the giver and receiver; a sense of gratitude that is linked directly to our attitude.

As Thanksgiving Day grows near, let us take time to plan how we will gather with our families and find ways to show thankfulness for all God’s blessings and the joy of our families here with us.

Thanksgiving can be that enjoyable day with the perfect blend of family, food and fun serving to strengthen our family bonds and our values, as our country’s tradition of being thankful.

Make plans now for this Thanksgiving to be that time we talk about our thankfulness, showing our gratitude for the blessing of family, relatives and good friends.

Happy thanksgiving!

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