The Insiders: The left is to blame for the distorted global warming debate .

By Steven Keeler | May 30, 2014


Cohn goes on to reference research from the Center for American Progress and the Natural Resources Defense Council, neither of which can be claimed as nonpartisan or unbiased.  Center for American Progress senior fellow Daniel Weiss called the plan to reduce power plant emissions by about 25 percent a “major blow against climate change.” Really. What constitutes a “major blow”? What is the result we can expect? A planet cooled by a degree? Half a degree? When? Next, Cohn cites the Natural Resources Defense Council estimate that the “net savings to society” as a result of carbon emissions limits “would be between $25 and $53 billion in 2020.” In other words, virtually nothing. What does he mean by “society?” What society is he talking about: American society? Global society? You get my point.

Cohn offers a question the majority of Americans can relate to: “This is going to drive up my electric bills, isn’t it?” His answer is rich. It includes the pathetic advice, “If you find ways to use less electricity – whether it’s as simple as turning off more lights or as complicated as putting in new insulation – then your bill can stay the same or come down.” In other words, yes, your electric bill will go up, but Cohn won’t dare say by how much. Until those who want the public to be alarmed and want to micromanage our lives are more honest, the voters will continue to shrug and snicker.


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