The Mariners Will Make The Playoffs - Just You Watch

By Frank Workman | Aug 07, 2014

Tonight the Seahawks play their first pre-season game in defense of last season’s Super Bowl championship.

The attention of most Puget Sound sports fans will be turned toward the Hawks and away from the Mariners, who are currently in the mix for the second Wild-Card playoff position.

Only the most die-hard fans will continue to monitor the M’s on a daily basis, especially after the Hawks kick off their 2014 season in earnest on September 4.

It says here that ten weeks from now, in mid-October, the Seattle Mariners will be playing in a best-of-seven playoff series to determine who will represent the American League in this year’s World Series.

The question some will be asking then is  ‘how did this happen?’

Many more, though, will be wondering   ‘how could this NOT happen?’  given how well the team played in the months of August and September.

It won’t be because the M’s went on a team-wide red-hot streak with their bats.

We will look back and realize that the offense came alive, if only a little bit.  Not in an unreasonable fashion (the kind where .220 hitters start knocking the cover off the ball for weeks on end), but in a more subtle manner, with simply a key hit here or there that drives in a run or two, the sort of hit that makes all the difference in a well-pitched, low-scoring ballgame.

The team’s turnaround will be attributed to that age-old winning baseball formula of great pitching (which has been off-the-charts exceptional all season), timely hitting  (finally…..FINALLY), and having a different hero emerge every day.

We will look back in mid-October at how this team started winning their one-run games down the stretch, after posting a 14-21 mark in them through the first week of August.

We will be reminded of the beauty of Baseball, with its daily (not weekly) drama, where the outcome of each game (and a season) can ride on a single pitch.

And we will be left with memories to warm us through our long dreary winter, and with hope for the new spring to follow.


There’s no question about it.





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