The power of one | Letter

Aug 20, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I am reminded daily about the "power of one" here at the Future of Flight Foundation in Mukilteo.

One person shares their enjoyment at a membership event and the conversation with a friend prompts another to sign up.

A volunteer shares with a friend why they enjoy helping take photographs at an event, and their friend looks up on our volunteer match site what other opportunities there are to get involved with Future of Flight.

A former colleague visits us at Future of Flight and helps us submit a letter of intent for a grant.

A visitor from Georgia comes out for his annual visit to (and to take photos of) the Future of Flight and his friend he met on a previous trip joined in support of what we are offering here.

A family who enjoyed a weekend family workshop refers another family who then refers another family.

The power of one is "you." Thank you each for your support, referrals, involvement.

I am humbled by the dedication of our staff, volunteers and partners (The Boeing Co. and Snohomish County), and appreciate your referrals.

With appreciation,

Bonnie Hilory,

Executive Director,

Future of Flight Foundation

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