The wonderful city of Mukilteo

Sep 04, 2013
Courtesy of: Leah Robison Leah Robison, 11, is the Mayor for a Day contest runner up.

Leah Robison, a sixth grader at Harbour Pointe Middle School, is the runner up in Beacon Publishing's fourth annual Mayor for a Day essay contest. Read her essay here. -Ed.

Welcome to the city of Mukilteo – a fantastic place to live. There are so many wonders, things to do and many nice people to meet.

In the spring and summer, when I feel a little bored, I put some fun into my day by going to Mukilteo’s beach, looking for sea creatures in tidal pools while licking at my ice cream cone.

In the fall, I’m really happy to see my friends at school again and, in the winter, it’s a thrill to go sledding and have snowball fights, even though I usually get hit in the mouth... HARD!

I once went to the Rosehill Community Center to watch a debate for the people who wanted to be in the City Council, which got a little crazy. I’ve also been to City Council meetings, which I first thought were boring, but now they actually seem quite fascinating.

Another of my hobbies is running, long jumping or playing hacky sack at one of the many parks and schools here in Mukilteo. I also enjoy swimming at the Mukilteo YMCA and going to different camps.

Well, what I like doing best in this spectacular city is hiking in Big Gulch and Japanese Gulch, biking, or just walking around town with my family, getting to notice all the wonderful things that we’re lucky to have.

I’m very fortunate to live in this wonderful city called Mukilteo.

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