Thoughts on grocery shopping with kids | Letter

Aug 13, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Some kids at the grocery store are so young that they have just recently graduated from kid college, and are learning how to walk on their own for the first time.

Once they get their hands on a kid-size shopping cart, it’s like they are behind the wheel at an Indy 500 race course.

Mom, you will find everything in that cart that you don’t need or want, but just try to remove any of these items, and you are likely to be rear-ended on the next isle.

Years later, these kids now grown and much wiser, take Mom (now “Grandma”) shopping. Don’t be surprised if they remove some items from her cart and put it back on the shelf. Now it’s her turn to pout!

Kids! What would we do without them?

Anders Jacobsen,


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