Two court cases continue flights fight | Letter

Feb 03, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

Fundamental flaws in the up to 50-year lease between Snohomish County and Propeller Paine Field LLC have not been resolved. A pending court case calls out the lack of due diligence in proceeding with an option to lease that provides no out clause the county.

A required impact and mitigation study under the State Environmental Policy Act was not conducted before the county committed.

Without the results of a comprehensive study, the county could not fully account for all direct and indirect costs. This exposes the county and taxpayers over time.

A second court case before the Ninth Circuit is proceeding again. The court ordered a stay when it found that no airlines were currently interested – this was no surprise to Save Our Communities.

Allegiant is a low-cost airline that does not make longterm commitments and does not want to pay its own way, as they’d prefer to be subsidized by artificially low rates. Alaska Airlines made it clear that they are not interested in Paine Field, other than turf protection.

Enter Propeller and the infamous 50-year lease, with the county handing Propeller rights to expand, transfer ownership and to be the exclusive commercial service operator – Propeller must have read Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal”!

The Ninth Circuit case got moving again when the Federal Aviation Administration stated in a September letter they had reason to believe Propeller was in fact proceeding with their plans to build a terminal and execute the lease.

The FAA argued it was time for the court to make a decision. Defying logic but not politics, the FAA also determined it unnecessary to reevaluate the Environmental Assessment compiled six years ago.

The FAA officially accepted that study on Dec. 4, 2012, with a three-year shelf life – that is, until they decided that shelf life didn’t apply to Paine Field, claiming that conditions had not really changed. What?

Airlines that are no longer interested have now been replaced by Propeller with who knows what planes, routes, airlines and activity levels. And, conditions like traffic have changed in measured ways.

So, conditions have changed and they all need to be reevaluated not against a few flights a day, but against the potential scheduled service activity levels over time.

We need a proper comprehensive study of all impacts associated with changing an airport to a scheduled service airport – anything less is unacceptable.

We should ensure that reality and facts drive this decision, not politics and money. See for more information.

Mike Moore, President,

Save our Communities

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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Feb 03, 2016 16:27



Great letter to the editor.  Keep up the good fight to make sure this is done on the up and up.  While you're at it, please update your website.


Also we need to see some anger and afterburner out of this Mayor on this topic... this is her hometown after all and I would expect more of a fighting spirit.  Or we get a Norman Schwarzkopf running for Mayor next year with a Chuck Horner air boss ready to create great "shock and awe" for the mainstream media to lap up like Australian Shepard guard dogs eating a steak bone with french fries.


The informal sorority that has kept Paine Field awesome behind the scenes (such as Mukilteo's Mayor and this newspaper editor) deserves no less from men like us Mike... no less.  It's time for men to be... men, secure enough in their own masculinity and respectful enough to support and protect the ladies in their hour of need.  Especially when the ladies are being bullied by... dirtbag males.  In fact let me put in my application to be your Chuck Horner or Mary "Marummy" Lane Strow because you need an Air Boss who can win.  Here goes:


I absolutely, positively do not want loaded, fueled up flying ticking time bombs - that would be Allegiant Air aircraft - over the Prime Minister of Paine Field's Office, over the under construction Jennifer Gregerson Multimodal Terminal trying to make an emergency landing, over the best aviation geek city in Washington State, and on final approach also trying not to wipe out the majestic Future of Flight with a shoddily maintained Airbust.  Let's remember Allegiant Air is in the news not for cheap fares; but for wanting to go all-Airbust instead of economically supporting the Puget Sound and due to the whistleblowing of a Greg Marino.


Who is Greg Marino?  Greg Marino - a veteran commercial airline mechanic with 35 years of experience including at Boeing - recently went to the mainstream media to warn folks Allegiant Air, "My perspective of Allegiant was, dedicated steps were not being performed in accordance to the maintenance manuals or even the general practices before an aircraft is released."  In another interview, Mr. Marino even said, "I fired Allegiant as my employer.  ...  I didn't give them two weeks' notice. I wasn't going to spend 10 more minutes there. The bottom line for me was that they were operating a dangerous safety culture. I don't stay where this kind of nonsense goes on."


Mr. Marino then went on to explain to the Tampa Bay Times about a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) minimum equipment list privilege that Allegiant Air was abusing.  Allegiant Air has many situations that are in Mr. Marino's words, "return to field, another Allegiant norm that is accepted".  So basically if Allegiant Air and Propeller Airports get to muscle into Paine Field; you can expect fully loaded with passengers, aircrew and fuel ticking time bombs - some of and possibly all of which made by effete European socialists instead of IAM 751 quality labor - making many an emergency landing at Paine Field.


No small wonder a lovely community supports with money, political capital and volunteerism Paine Field has a "Save Our Communities" movement.  No small wonder aviation geeks sit alert at Forward Bases "Vanessa", "Sara", "Sandy", "Nancy", and "Jennifer" ready to pounce.


Just like when brave fighter pilots in the 1950s and 1960s sat alert at Paine Field with well-maintained F-102s to save our communities from the Soviet Tupolev bomber threat.  We are not facing nuclear annihilation thanks to their bravery and integrity; but their actions should inspire us to save our communities from Allegiant Air with the same chivalry, professionalism and yes, restraint.


I know what happens when a community is divided over an airfield - namely Coupeville, Washington - with many patriots in that community standing with America's Navy for the Outlying Field against the COER voices of division if not sedition but still...  One would only hope the elected leadership of Snohomish County will be aggressive, proactive and tenacious to keep Mukilteo and Paine Field in synergy and not in turmoil.


Thank you for reading my Mukilteo friends.  I hope to remain your friend for years to come and one day be a resident.  You know what you have to do.


Posted by: Fred Stephenson | Feb 03, 2016 21:49

Mike, may I say thank you.  Thank you for your continued commitment.  Thank you for your updates and thank you for not giving up and falling prety to the apathy of the Snohomish County Council and so many of us who just felt there was little else we could do after October's kick in the pants from the court system.  This is a fight that more than just Mukilteo will lose should Propeller get their way.

Each day that I sit in my home, or try to sit in my garden, I am buzzed nonstop by rude pilots flying single engine aircraft flying sometimes well below the 1,000 feet they are required to fly.  My house shakes when a 747 dreamlifter takes off.  737s go down the runway and my windows clatter.  How can ANY of us who are within the 5 mile zone of Paine Field NOT want to fight to keep greedy politicians like the Mayor Everett and Propeller Corporation out of our backyards--we already have to deal with the increased air traffic, HOW will we endure SeaTac North?

It's time we stood up and said NO.  The FAA doesn't care, Propeller doesn't care and all the Mayor of Everett cares about is taking a plane on a shorter commute to Seattle.  But WE care, so let's start showing it!  Donate to save our communities; volunteer; do whatever it takes to STOP PROPELLER and the Mayor of Everett and his cronies.

Before you wave me off, THINK.  More wildlife will die as bigger jets come in.  CRIME will increase as the types of businesses that will surround Paine Field will grow to include more unsavory businesses, including cheap motels and adult entertainment.  The HELL we will all face with night flights of 737s over our roof will be unbearable.  IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?

Once again, thank you Mike and thanks to everyone, especially the Mayor of Mukilteo, who is standing firm against what will be the most heinous attack on the residents near Paine Field.

Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Feb 04, 2016 10:59



You won't be getting 737s.  You'll be getting poorly maintained Airbusts and MD-80s on their last legs trying not to crash instead.


Also you do by choice live next to an airport so learn to love some airport noise.  My main issue is safety, followed by land use.



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