Two Steves l Council Corner

By Mukilteo City Councilmember Anna Rohrbough | Jul 25, 2018

These past seven months have been filled with not only a few frustrations, but some real fun and leadership learning experiences as well.

I am always watching and learning from others, looking to grow. Leadership is everything to me, so I feel compelled to share a few observations.

I am so grateful with the leadership of our Council President.

Steve Schmaltz has been incredible in his role. He consistently checks in to make sure each of our voices are heard and he consistently encourages and guides me and others about processes and procedures.

He is calm and present and patient. He listens to hear and helps with solutions, and he is attentive and quick to return every phone call.

I am a watcher of people and how they lead, and Steve Schmaltz is one of the best examples of how a person defines the position.

I want to thank him for his growing leadership and commitment to his councilmembers. I truly appreciate you and will continue to follow your lead.

Steve Edin is an employee of the city. He is the Managing Services Director and what I want to acknowledge about him is the way he talks about his employees and the way all them speak about him.

Steve Edin is a bright light in that City Hall. He consistently is encouraging and supportive to those he has the privilege of leading and that is exactly how he states it - “I have the best directors and team.”

To me that is inspiring. I know firsthand that he is always looking for ways to make their job easier and to build a culture of respect and collaboration.

I have been impressed as well with the way the city employees speak about Steve with as much admiration and respect as he has for them.

Steve is a person I go to often to decipher and define a process and to gather information. He is always willing to help and share as much information as he is allowed. I truly respect the tough situation he is in and the job he is doing.

So to the two Steve’s - I thank you for the dedicated work you are doing and the leadership you model!

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