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Kudos for returning lost keys, complaint over repeat home burglaries
By Sara Bruestle | Jul 09, 2014

We received an abundance of kudos for our Kudos and Complaints series after the last one ran in May.

Here is the fifth of a bi-monthly look at the kudos and complaints from around Mukilteo.

Every two months, The Beacon requests to see the emails that were sent to the city via mukilteo@ci.mukilteo.wa.us and/or through the “Contact Us” form on the city’s website. Both kinds of messages end up in the same inbox.

The following are 11 kudos and complaints sent to the city in May and June. All complaints listed have been addressed by the city.

Kudos: “Thank you, city of Mukilteo, for all of the new signage around the schools and crosswalks. I'm sure I speak for not only myself, but for lots of parents out there, when I say that we truly appreciate the new emphasis on pedestrian/cyclist safety in our city!  Keep up the great work!”

Complaint: “This has been a very bad year for the tent caterpillars. Many of the apple trees down Harbour Heights Parkway are very badly infested and becoming defoliated.  Who is responsible for the eradication of this? I have had a tree service on my property a few times to control what is in my yard, but there seems to be no effort made on the part of Mukilteo.”

Kudos: “Kudos and thanks to the postal worker who found my school keys in a mailbox and returned them to my school anonymously. Kudos and thanks to the person who found the keys in a grocery store parking lot (I think) and put the keys into their mailbox for the postal worker to discover. You both rock!”

Complaint: “I am very upset by the traffic situation on Harbour Pointe Boulevard around 4-5 p.m. I believe this is a residential area, and it is starting to feel like downtown Seattle. If it is because of people getting off work, maybe they could stagger their shifts, so as to help with the congestion. The City Council needs to look into this.”

Kudos: "To the owner of the beautiful white dog: I am sorry to have hurt your dog while I was driving Friday, June 6, on Harbour Pointe Boulevard. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Thank you for showing me love, even while your dog was in distress. Sending you love back.”

Complaint: “As a frequent boater/user of the launch and local waters, I’ve noticed that the tide has been very low during the day lately. The sign warning of large rocks immediately south of the boat launch is well known. But the even larger group of prominent rocks at the south end of the park/beach are unmarked. I feel these could cause serious damage to a boat or jet ski and its user. As the state requires that I recognize buoys, etc. that mark such hazards, it stands to reason that the hazards should be marked.”

Kudos: “Although the natural beauty of our city is amazing, it's really the people who make this such a wonderful place to live. One Monday evening, I stopped at Starbucks for a little pick-me-up. The car in front of me was taking a long time to order. It was too late to leave, as there was another car behind me, so I just waited it out. When I reached the window, the barista said ‘The person in front of you felt badly about how long her order took, and she paid for your drink.’”

Complaint: “I have been a resident of Mukilteo for 23 years. I love it here, however, I have been burglarized four times in 14 years. We live in a very nice area in Horizon Heights. Squatters were finally forced out of a new home, and we’ve had other burglaries within 1-2 years in our neighborhood. Just today, we were again burglarized, while remodeling our home. I looked at the rate of crime in Mukilteo – it is unbelievable how many thefts and burglaries there are, and very few are caught. Something needs to be done, as I no longer feel safe.”

Kudos: “I called 911 when my husband had argument with me and was so mad that he grabbed my arm and locked me out of the house. Two police officers came within two minutes. They were so nice and polite to me. My English is not very good, but they were very patient to listen and explain to me. I'm touched and glad that Mukilteo residents are lucky to have these hardworking police officers to protect them. I really appreciated how kindly they helped me and husband.”

Complaint: “I work in Mukilteo and often walk at lunch time. I have encountered bicyclists on the sidewalk between Harbor Pointe Boulevard and Evergreen Drive. Today a bicyclist came up from behind and crowded me on the sidewalk, never moving to the bike lane. This is becoming a real problem. I hope the police will be on alert.”

Kudos: “Lighthouse Park is looking great, as the park becomes busy with the good weather. Park grounds are looking good. I see city employees working on irrigation maintenance, and volunteers at the lighthouse are making flowerbeds and plantings look great.  I appreciate them for keeping our biggest attractions looking great for residents and long-traveling visitors, alike. A group of visitors taking photos spreads images of our great city faster than any tourism ad ever could.”

The Beacon will print reader kudos and complaints of 100 words or fewer on a space available basis. We reserve the right to edit for brevity, grammar and taste. Send yours to mukilteoeditor@yourbeacon.net.

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