Volunteer for the Snohomish County Council on Aging

Jul 15, 2013

The Snohomish County Council on Aging (COA) is seeking vibrant new members for terms beginning January 2014.  Snohomish County residents interested in the needs and issues facing older persons and younger persons with disabilities are asked to apply for membership on the COA.

The COA manages federal, state and local funds targeted for our elderly citizens.

“We are continuing to build an even more effective Council on Aging to promote the physical and emotional well-being of senior Snohomish County residents,” said Council Chair Ron Vivion.

The Long Term Care & Aging Office relies heavily on its advisory board - the Council on Aging.  The 30-member citizen's advisory board advises both the Long Term Care and Aging Office of Snohomish County’s Human Services Department and the county executive.

COA members serve as representatives to the community, planners for funding and program issues, activists involving legislative matters, and monitors of the quality of programs and services.

New members will begin three-year terms on January 1, 2014.  The COA meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month (no meeting in December) from 10 a.m. to noon.

Smaller committee groups meet according to need.  All meetings occur during work hours.

Sub-committees of the council include the legislative committee, finance, allocations and evaluations committee, mental wellness and the senior centers committees, as well as an ad hoc disabilities committee.

The council on aging strives for a membership that represents all the areas of the county.

Snohomish County residents who represent the needs of ethnic and racial minority communities, older persons wishing to improve the quality of life for senior citizens, persons who represent organizations which serve older and younger disabled persons, locally elected officials and members of the general public are all encouraged to apply.

Council on aging members come from all walks of life, various age groups and educational levels.  The common thread is an interest in serving older adults.

Members come from many varied backgrounds and each member draws from his/her own life experience and knowledge to create a dynamic and effective organization.

Snohomish County actively encourages members of diverse communities to apply.

Interested persons must complete and file an application form by Friday, September 20, 2013 with Snohomish County Long Term Care and Aging.

To receive an application, contact Joyce Frasu at j.frasu@snoco.org or 425-388-7377.

Applications may also be printed directly from the Snohomish County Council on Aging website at http://bit.ly/r0he0q.



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