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Feb 05, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I’ve received a lot of information about the bond that the Mukilteo School District has on the ballot.

More importantly, I have witnessed the overcrowded schools and the impact that overcrowding has on classrooms, libraries and cafeterias first hand.

I’ve also read about all the multi-family housing developments being built in the district and all the new kids who will come from those homes.

In my neighborhood alone, we have 10 new four-bedroom homes being built. With new construction, there is bound to be lots of new kids.

I’m a parent of three children at Mukilteo Elementary (fourth, third and second graders) and I am worried about the future of our school if this bond doesn’t pass.

Will my second grader be a student in one of two classrooms held at the same time in a library? Will my family have to cope with double-session school days or a year-round school calendar? Will my kids continue to be packed into classrooms with 28 or more students?

These consequences impact our children now and will affect not just kids, but their teachers and families for years to come.

I have already showed my support by voting “Yes.” But I’m nervous about those who don’t share my sense of urgency about passing this bond.

Please consider the impact of a bond failure on our kids. We need your vote to ensure our children have the future they deserve. Let’s say “Yes” to Mukilteo kids and pass this bond!


Sonji Sackett


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