Vote ‘yes’ on school levies in February | Letter

Dec 18, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Recently, after a long career in banking, I was able to retire.

In order to stay busy, and to give back to the very schools that gave my own children the foundation to be successful in life, I became a substitute school bus driver for the Mukilteo School District.

With the district presenting two levy and bond issues on the upcoming Feb. 11 ballot, I would like to share a couple of observations that I have made while driving students around this fall.

Before making a decision on whether this bond funding is needed, I wish every voter could spend a morning at Columbia Elementary or Harbour Pointe Middle School when the buses are unloading the special needs kids.

The district provides educational opportunities to developmentally delayed and medically fragile students that is a true gift to our society.

While the educational progress for these students cannot be measured on a standard matrix, the breakthroughs in development and the enhancement in their quality of life is truly remarkable.

The dedication, compassion and commitment by the teachers and aides there would take your breath away.

The other observation is on the district’s own “Street of Dreams.”

While this one might not be as fancy as those found in Medina or on Mercer Island, the dreams that are developing on Casino Road are just as real.

When I deliver to school those little faces pouring out of those apartment complexes, I am carrying the dreams and hopes of many parents.

While many of these families are new to our community, and yes, often new to this country, they are chasing the better life that all of us want for our kids.

We all know that education is the key. The Mukilteo School District is providing the keys to unlock those doors.

The school bond and levy issues are not frivolous “fluff” pieces, but well thought-out attempts to maximize resources to provide the best education possible for all students.

The district is forced to present these types of funding proposals to raise the capital to do their work. The very nature of how the schools are funded demand it. Take the time to vote, and please vote “yes” to continue their good work.

Oh, so how is it being a school bus driver? I can assure you that you have not lived fully until you have had the opportunity the lead a rousing rendition of “Jingle Bells” to a bus load of special needs kids as you roll down the Mukilteo Speedway.

Merry Christmas. Count your blessings, support the schools.

Jim “Mister Jim” Angell,



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