Voyager students attend college for a day | School brief

Feb 26, 2014

Ninety seventh graders from Voyager Middle School visited the University of Washington’s Bothell campus, but not as sightseers. They actually attended a core college class as if they were incoming freshmen.

Two weeks prior to the mock class, UW Professor Julie Shayne sent the students two articles and asked them to read and annotate both, as well as answer a series of questions.

The day began with a campus tour, then the Voyager students were split into two groups, with half going to a 45-minute admissions presentation and the other half to the mock college class on Chicano mural art.

During the class, the professor gave students a syllabus of the class and then had them review 26 Chicano murals. The students were asked to look at each with the purpose of identifying themes that were repeated in the murals.

Voyager Teacher Annamarie Jordan pointed out that the readings, the material, images of the murals, and class discussion was exactly what the professor had used in her fall class with the incoming freshmen.

“College isn’t that scary anymore,” one student said. “I could easily go to college,” another said. “I didn’t think I could do it, but now I know I can.”

Professor Shayne enjoyed the experience so much that she has already spoken to other UW Bothell colleagues who are now interested in hosting mock college classes for other students in middle and high school.

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