We must protect our investment | Letter

Jan 29, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

In a few weeks our community will be voting on our schools and addressing needs within them.

I have sold real estate in our community for 10 years. When I met my first corporate relocation client, I was surprised to learn what their first priority was. Not price, not neighborhood, not distance from work. It was the schools.

Specifically, “the Mukilteo School District.” Fast forward to today and the same holds true. While researching where to live, new residents make their final determination by our schools.

For those without children, they fully appreciate a home located in a superior district. Homes located within our boundaries provide greater security in selling quicker and retention of equity.

Our schools are under increased pressures from the very thing that makes them great. Desirability.

Our community has worked hard to create an environment of achievement, but bulging seams, outdated technology, and wear and tear are beginning to take its toll.

Just as in our homes, if we do not take care of them, the cost of repairs, upgrading, updating and building only gets more expensive.

We must protect the investment of what we started, and continue the legacy of opportunity for children today.

Is there a real cost appreciation for real estate in our district? Yes, there is. Did our schools help retain some value compared to others in a down market? Yes it did.

Is there a risk, that we could lose that? Yes there is. I urge you to vote yes on schools.

Jeanmarie Trapp,

Residential Broker,


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