We won’t let volunteerism die | Letter

Sep 03, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

If Jon Boyce and Charlie Pancerzewski win the city and the community lose [“Gulch group is about to self destruct” and “Some just don’t understand,” Letters, page 4, Aug. 27]!

Imagine if the Japanese Gulch Group threw in the towel and ceased to exist: The trails are in decay. Garbage piles up in the property. Non-native species proliferate.

There are no trail maintenance workshops, there are no educational events, photo contests, tours of the property, no fun fundraising events, no volunteers organized.

Now the city has to pay for all of the maintenance and upkeep of the gulch which means every taxpayer has to pay for the gulch equally, whether they use the property or not.

My wife, my family and I, as well as many other members of the community, volunteer our time, effort and money to make Mukilteo a better place to live. I have spent countless hours volunteering in the community, all while holding a full-time job, running a small business and raising a family.

What have Jon Boyce and Charlie Pancerzewski done for Mukilteo? Both have a long history of complaining about all kinds of problems, some real and some not.

Maybe they should start working on solutions instead of attacking groups of hardworking people who are volunteering their time to actually accomplish something.

I am proud of my family’s volunteer efforts and the great things we accomplished, like helping to obtain the property in Japanese Gulch. I am proud that both of my sons are following the family tradition and volunteer their time, too.

Volunteerism is not dead, but having to defend our actions is getting old.

Arnie Hammerman,

Japanese Gulch Group

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