What if I don’t buy daily lattes? | Letter

Jan 29, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

As in the previous years, I don’t even have to go outside and see the “Vote for the Children” signs to know that yet another school levy is in the offerings.

Inevitably, there will be at least one skip-a-latte-a-day letter to The Beacon [“Invest in Mukilteo schools for less than your daily coffee,” Letters, page 5, Jan. 22.]

True, there is usually a line to the Starbucks drive-thru, but what about those of us who live on fixed income (i.e. Social Security), to whom a latte is somewhat of a luxury?

We purchased our properties during the ‘90s when they were still affordable, and we managed to stick around in spite of the continuously rising local taxes. We feel like we are being slowly but surely pushed out of this community.

Please join me in voting “No” on Feb. 11.

Thank you,

Chris Prentki,


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