Wheeler is a 'stand-up' guy | Letter

Oct 30, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Ted Wheeler is a stand-up guy with excellent character. I have had the pleasure of doing business with Ted, as he has built several buildings and various structures for my company over the past eight years.

I admire several distinct characteristics about Ted. First, he is easy to access by phone, email or text. Whenever I have had a concern about something to do with business or construction, he responds quickly.

He knows that when a situation would be best served in person, he does that without hesitation.

Second, he is always easy-going, never grouchy or moody. He is never profane and always speaks well of people—a valuable characteristic in today’s “he said, she said” world.

Ted is a pleasure to work with mainly because he accomplishes what he sets out to do, and does it with a great attitude. From what I have seen, he treats his employees with respect also. This matters.

Finally, Ted is a problem solver who draws on years of business and construction-related common sense. His estimates and deadlines are always honored.

He is also able to be creative and to take in suggestions that will affect the “look” of a structure. I have always respected his skills and his ability to convey his expertise.

Whether it’s something that needs repair on a budget, or building something new, Ted Wheeler has been our “go-to” guy. He is one of those rare people who has vast experience about many things, but is approachable and always helpful.

Ted Wheeler has our endorsement!

Thank you,

Steve Ahmann,

Pacific Power Batteries,


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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Nov 01, 2013 22:19

Terry Preshaw still get my vote!

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