When (and when not to) stop for a school bus | Letter

Dec 23, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

This is an open letter to my fellow Mukilteo citizens:

After having twice, in one early morning commute, been stopped behind someone who had (unnecessarily) stopped for a school bus going in the opposite direction, with flashing red lights lit, I decided I would weigh in.

Agreed – if you come upon a school bus with red lights lit, going in the opposite direction, on a two lane road (one in each direction), with no intervening median or lane, you must stop – no question.

But if a median or lane separates the two directions of travel, such as on Harbour Pointe Boulevard S.W., you do not have to stop. Please refer to RCW 46.61.370 (Overtaking or meeting school bus, exceptions) and 46.61.150 (Driving on divided highways).

I certainly understand that some people, unaware of the pertinent statutes, think they need to stop. And, of course, the biggest inconvenience for the rest of us amounts to maybe a minute or two – not the end of the world.

But perhaps being aware that the law is on their side might encourage people to rethink their actions.

Thank you for your time,

Carl Grimes,



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