Who nurtured your potential?

By Elizabeth Erickson | May 09, 2012

The micro-lending organization KIVA ( HYPERLINK "http://www.kiva.org" www.kiva.org) sent a reminder that the funds I’d loaned to three strangers in Kenya, India and Afghanistan had been fully repaid; those funds were now available to loan to others of my choosing.

These three individuals had borrowed between $300 and $1,800. The full loan amount was pieced together on average, in $25 increments from “lenders” around the world.

A Dutch couple, an Australian, and an Irish woman were but a small contingency in fulfilling these three requests for loans. The borrowers then used these funds to grow a business (i.e. buy a second goat...) or for further education for themselves or their children.

But in this particular KIVA message, the words in the subject line of the email lingered: “Who nurtured your potential?” During this Mother’s Day season the quick answer is ‘Mom’ – and true enough – hats off to every mom out there.

In large part, yes, it is to my mom to whom I owe my tenacity and outside-the-box creativity; I’m left to only be able to reminisce those qualities in her. But this powerful question was even larger.

We all enter stage right as only a sweet bundle of possibility. Who made us capable of evolving, surviving, thriving?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of March 2012, the estimated population of the world was 7,003,019,800. That number is expected to increase about 212,035 every day.

Knowing that the greater portion of those 7 billion human beings have very few opportunities or nurturing – if that’s not humbling...

Most of us became who we are today under the wings of someone’s nurturing, no matter how long or short a time they shielded us. And those wings weren’t singular.

Whether a doctor, landscaper, grocery clerk, teacher, stylist, mechanic, computer tech, inventor, engineer, nurse, medical tech, writer – and yes, even we real estate brokers – we all make the world go round.

And adding to all this, rarely do people have just one career anymore; we’re required to evolve. Thus it is at every age we are impacted by those around us. Who have been the ones to nurture your potential?

For the most complex nurturing that mom added, put in a personal note to your Hallmark this Sunday; in your formative, character-building years, she was most likely the greatest influence. (And of course, upcoming June’s recipient.)

But while doing so, take a moment to track down that teacher, that mentor, that friend who gave you hope at a crossroads. Bless them by acknowledging their blessing in your life. Encourage those who encouraged you; become that gift that keeps on giving ... back.

So what does this have to do with real estate? Not much, but since it will be asked... If you’ve a little time left over, send a note to the real estate broker who facilitated your dreams; they feel they’re a part of the foundation you call “home.”

Elizabeth Erickson is owner and designated broker of Gallery Homes Real Estate. Contact her at erickson@galleryhomesre.com or at the office: 425-212-4300 or direct: 425-508-1405, or go to www.galleryhomesre.com.

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