Why not put new ferry terminal over water? | Letter

Apr 30, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

This is an open letter to Mayor Jennifer Gregerson and the Mukilteo city councilmembers:

It appears the Port of Everett, with the cooperation of many Mukilteo elected officials over the past 15+ years, has done a great disservice to Mukilteo, as I have for years predicted they would.

The waterfront re-development plan in Mukilteo will give Whidbey Island commuters and the tribes most of the benefit of the remaining 20 acres of our waterfront.

There may still be a way to salvage a good portion of the waterfront for Mukilteo's benefit and that would be to replace the old fuel dock with an over-water parking lot and terminal facility that was once proposed.

The other solution would to simply keep the existing terminal in place until such time funding is available to do the over-water terminal, since funding for the proposed terminal is still not available.

An example of over-water ferry facilities can be seen at both Tswassen and Nainamo in British Columbia (see HYPERLINK "http://www.mapquest" www.mapquest - Nanaimo, BC / Tswassen, BC for satellite images), if you are not familiar.

Like these two Canadian terminals, I believe the waterfront environment can be preserved with good planning. In the case of Tswassen, the long spit that was developed almost a mile out into the bay created almost 2 miles of new beach shoreline with a considerable amount of public access (parking lots and picnic tables).

Of course, we don't have the luxury of a shallow bay that Tswassen has, but it is an example of what might be considered for Mukilteo.

Yours truly,

Emory Cole,

Former Mayor of Mukilteo

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