Why rent commuter parking if spots get stolen? | Kudos & Complaints

Kudos for impeccable park maintenance, complaint over crowded boat launch
By Sara Bruestle | Sep 03, 2014

We didn’t get as many kudos for our Kudos and Complaints series after the last one ran in July – but we did get two.

Here is the sixth of a bi-monthly look at the kudos and complaints from around Mukilteo.

Every two months, The Beacon requests to see the emails that were sent to the city via mukilteo@ci.mukilteo.wa.us and/or through the “Contact Us” form on the city’s website. Both kinds of messages end up in the same inbox.

The following are 10 kudos and complaints sent to the city in July and August. All complaints listed have been addressed by the city.

Complaint: “What can be done so we who live by the ultra-noisy community center can find some rest before midnight? Scientific evidence says the best rest for the body is prior to that time. With the excessive party noise, screeching tires of drivers leaving, honking of horns and, last but not least, rental places loudly picking and packing up – it is enough to make a person go crazy! There are few nights when this is not happening. As you well know, no one has air conditioning here, so how do we #not# hear it? I await your suggestions.”

Kudos: “I am looking for wedding rental venues and have fallen in love with Rosehill Community Center. We are looking to get married in April of 2015, and I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to rent the space.”

Complaint: “Please consider testing the new paving material on a residential neighborhood street. I live on Crownmill Avenue. Our street looks terrible at all the driveways where the chip seal is stressed by the turning of tires in and out of driveways. The two test roads (I believe 84th Street S.W. and 92nd Street S.W.) are main roads where little or no turning is done.”

Kudos: “I spent some time in your Lighthouse Park while waiting for the ferry to Whidbey Island this past weekend. I was very impressed at how well maintained it was – especially the grass. How do you keep the grass so thick and weed-free?”

Complaint: “Sunday afternoon at the boat launch was insane! When I was attempting to dock my trailer boat, people were sitting on the floating docks with their legs hanging off, swimming in between the docks, crabbing from them – one had a car parked on it for a picnic. I had to scream at people to move so I could dock. In trying to jump around them, I slipped, hitting my head and spraining my knee. A jet skier kept running into my boat as I was pulling up. This launch is a public menace.”

Complaint: “We live in the first cul-de-sac beyond the library on the right-hand side.  There is a house in our neighborhood that has been abandoned for some years now. It is a disgraceful sight and is literally beginning to fall down around itself. We would appreciate some action being taken concerning this house. I am fairly certain that it is violating at least one safety code.”

Complaint: “The walkway to Mukilteo Elementary on the northeast side of the playground has three stormwater drains. Of the three, two are severely clogged with needles, pinecones and trash. When it rains, the water backs up, making the walkway impassable. Please clean these two drains before it starts raining again.”

Complaint: “I am a homeowner in Mukilteo’s Village Center, and I would like to express my concern about the drug traffic there. It has been especially heavy lately at a particular unit. I don't need to explain the discomfort this brings to everybody living there. I know police have been called to this unit in the past and have been receiving complaints lately. We all know how beautiful Mukilteo Village is and would hate to see it turn into Slum Town. We need more frequent patrols through this part of town, in hopes that we can get rid of this problem.”

Complaint: “Your handling of the commuter parking you rent is a travesty! You charge $140 per month and do nothing to ensure that what you rent is even available to those who pay you! When a person who has paid for parking finds their space illegally taken, there isn't even towing allowed! The ticket received for the infraction is a mere $40. Not much of a deterrent. That's if the police even bother to come and ticket. Shame on you! You are stealing from hardworking people who pay you in good faith!”

Complaint: “Once the Vantage Apartments off of the Mukilteo Speedway are open, what will you do about the traffic on the Speedway?”

The Beacon will print reader kudos and complaints of 100 words or fewer on a space available basis. We reserve the right to edit for brevity, grammar and taste. Send yours to mukilteoeditor@yourbeacon.net.

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