Wise men: Get along this Christmas | Letter

Dec 18, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

We are Homo sapiens, which in Latin means “wise men.” There are about 7 billion of us on this planet. That’s about twice as many as when Kennedy was president.

Who knows if there are any more on other planets in the universe. I don’t think that Neil Armstrong found any on the moon, and our robot “Curiosity” is still looking on Mars.

If we are truly wise men, then why can’t we get along with each other?

We are constantly fighting each other in wars, domestic violence and some sports like boxing, where the main target is your brain. That’s where your computer is, and if it doesn’t work right, then we are in trouble.

The Romans built big coliseums so they could watch gladiators fight with each other and even wild animals.

It’s a struggle to survive earthquakes, fire, cold, etc. so we don’t need to also try to survive the violence toward each other.

We are pretty smart. We can make and build trains, computers, TVs and even VW Bugs.

We have science to help us understand each other and how to stay healthy and help each other. So stay away from violence, wars, etc. and go for a bike ride that some “wise man” invented.

Believe in Santa Claus and have a Merry Christmas.

Anders F. Jacobsen,



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