With all Due Respect...

Dec 21, 2016

It's comical to read in our local paper (“No Disrespect Allowed,” Nov. 30) and hear from some that it is time to “respect the office of the President.”

Wow, wow, and wow. Can we talk about respect for a moment?

Wow #1: For eight years Obama has been vilified and his policies obstructed. Last I checked, he was also a president. Doesn't he deserve our respect?

As points of reference: "You lie"; Merrick Garland; Secret Muslim born in Kenya; founder of ISIS. The last two were from the president-elect. Oh, the irony.

Wow #2: Trump himself is a cartoonish figure that commands little respect from anyone he doesn't have “over a barrel” financially. He argues with a former Miss Universe on Twitter, believes a judge is unfit because he has a Mexican heritage, brags about assault, and doesn't have the sense to not insult a Gold Star family.

Question: If you knew someone that talked like that, about "grabbing women---", like Trump did at the tender age  of 59... would you respect them?

What if he mocked a disabled person? Would you still respect this person? These are exactly the things we teach our children not to do, and they are sent to the principal’s office (or jail) for saying or doing, and we're supposed to respect this person just because he's president?

Wow #3: Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of our democracy.  It's a founding principle. We get to express ourselves.

If the “respect” you argue for is given without being earned, then you are actually arguing for a dictatorship. Dictators get respect, because if you don't respect them, they have you jailed, or worse.

Freedom of speech means that even if you don't agree with it, we all get an opinion. You get yours, which is that we should give our president-elect respect as he insults union leaders at Carrier. And I get mine too, which is that he can often act like an - well I just won't say.

Now is NOT the time to show respect for a man who gives no respect. Now is NOT the time to allow a man who continues to express himself through his surrogates and Twitter (Twitter!) as someone without core principles, who threatens those who he believes have insulted him - or might.

He deserves no respect because he has no respect for anyone. Be careful Ted Cruz, he says, he might "spill the beans" on your wife. And have we forgotten the debate moderator that had blood coming out of her ... wherever?

I am all for showing respect for the president, but I'm still waiting for “the pivot,” a.k.a. Trump beginning to show maturity. Respect is earned, no matter the position.

To date, Trump has earned our vigilance, our wariness, and in many cases our disgust. He has certainly not earned our respect.

Tony Markey


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