Wrongful death suit going to court

By Brandon Gustafson | Jun 12, 2019

The wrongful death suit filed by the brother of Anna Bui against the parents of Allen Ivanov will go to trial. Anna Bui’s brother, David Bui, filed the suit late last year.

Anna Bui was one of three Kamiak grads shot and killed at a house party in Mukilteo in July 2016. The shooter, Allen Ivanov, was Bui’s ex-boyfriend. He purchased an AR-15-style rifle from Cabela’s in Tulalip in the days leading up to the shooting.

The initial suit listed the Ivanovs, as well as Cabela’s and the Bratvolds, the owners of the house where the party took place. The Bratvolds have since been dropped from the suit.

Ivanov was sentenced to life in prison in 2017 with no possibility of parole. He is incarcerated at Walla Walla State Penitentiary.

According to the suit, Ivanov sat in his car outside the party for about two hours and, while doing so, saw that Anna Bui was intoxicated. Ivanov has also said on record how incredibly easy it was to purchase the rifle, as it reportedly took him less than an hour.

He reportedly texted friends, calling himself a “future shooter” who wanted revenge on Anna because she’d moved on after their break up.

The suit claims Ivanov’s parents both knew he purchased the rifle, and that his mother knew of her son’s mental illness and history of suicidal threats, as well as seemingly erratic behavior in the days and weeks leading up to the shooting.

Court records show Ivanov once met with a therapist, who recommended he receive mental health treatment. But Ivanov and his mother declined to seek help.

The records also show Ivanov and his father reportedly examined the gun and read the manual together, and that Ivanov’s mother supposedly contacted Cabela’s prior to the shooting about having the gun returned, due to fears her son may harm himself and/or others. The store employee reportedly told her they couldn’t accept the rifle’s return.

In the suit, Bui’s family claims, “Allen Ivanov’s actions were a proximate cause of the wrongful death of Anna Bui and the resulting damages and losses to her parents and her estate.”

The suit also claims Ivanov’s parents were negligent in failing to prevent the killing of Anna Bui despite knowledge that Ivanov was a threat to himself and others due to his possession of the rifle.

“Their negligence was a proximate cause of the wrongful death of Anna Bui.”

Ivanov’s parents had previously filed for a summary judgment to end the lawsuit, but Snohomish County Judge Richard Okrent denied the request last Friday. The case will now go to trial.

According to court documents, one of Ivanov’s best friends told attorneys that Ivanov had been acting strange and suicidal the days leading up to the shooting, and went with Ivanov’s mother to look for her son. The friend said Ivanov’s mother knew Ivanov had his gun with him on a day he left the house and said he was going to “go around shooting” in Harbour Pointe. This was days before the house party shooting.

Ivanov’s friend also testified he and Ivanov’s mother discussed his behavior, which included Ivanov saying he wanted to kill Anna Bui in the days leading up to the shooting.

According to documents, Ivanov’s parents went out of town after the incident with Ivanov’s mother and his friend, days before the shooting occurred.

A statement from Bui’s lawyers asking the judge to deny the Ivanovs’ request for a summary judgment said Ivanov’s actions were foreseeable, and that they created a “dangerous condition” by going out of town “for recreation and leaving their emotionally unstable son home with his newly acquired gun after he’d made specific threats against (Bui).”

The statement also said the Ivanovs should have either returned home from their camping trip, alerted police, or warned Anna Bui that she was in potential danger.

A trial date has not been set, and the monetary amount Bui’s estate is seeking has not been listed.

In order to be held liable in a wrongful death suit in Washington, it needs to be proven that Ivanov’s parents had reason to believe their son posed a threat to others, and that they took steps to make the possibility of that threat more likely.

This is the second wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Ivanovs.

The family of Jake Long, one of the three shot and killed at the party, also filed a wrongful death suit last year that, according to public record, is still active.



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